Major League Orcas: The Sardine Run, Jesus' Blood, & Arjuna's Dilemma

What's the point?! Bill & James & The Scherm run amok diving deep down into The Sardine Run, in search of big answers, and instead devour everything in sight. They emerge not sated at all, finding themselves Starving In The Belly Of A Whale. Take THAT, Jonah! As you've come to expect, folks, they forthwith espouse upon the Hard Ground, mental illness, redemption, higher love, Sweeney Todd, and a little blessing from Bill's Bible: The Black Rider.. R.I.P. Daniel Johnston...long live King Kong!


Totally Tom III: N.A.S.A., Primus, & Preservation Hall

Third time’s the charm and Totally Tom III has it all, folks! From Hip Hop to Gospel, Progressive Rock to the origins of Jazz itself, it features a remarkable range of Tom Waits’ guest appearances. Once again, pushing off without a paddle, a map, or any idea of what either of us has brought to the journey, we fumble through the dangerous waters of musical genius without a wet suit and emerge dry as a bone. That's a lie. We're totally soaked! Feel the Flow.


Funambulism: Shot Out Of The Canon Of Tom Waits

Dr. Tim Scherman joins Bill & James for a walk along the high wire without a net balancing Tom Waits' experimental side with big fifty cent words. We cover The Grand Canyon, gravity, Helium, William Burroughs, and all things Robert Wilson. Featuring Trouble's Braids, Crossroads, 'T'Ain't No Sin, and of course, Everything Goes to Hell. From acrophobia to arachnophobia: don't miss Spidey's Wild Ride, folks!