Totally Tom Too: Deeper In The Hole

Once again unto the breach, dear folks, once again. We're back down the rabbit hole because there's a world going on underground. So down we go to explore the many caverns of Tom Wait's musical madness, from the Glitter and Doom tour to Paradise Alley. Along the way, to our dismay we stumble into The Human Guinea Pig's secret lair. That's right, Nashville session singer Brad Smith is back with his unexpected take on Franks Wild Years! Once again, this one's for all you diehard Tom fans!


Edgar Allan Poe: Dead Ringer For Tom Waits

And they're off...but you already know that, folks! Season 4 begins and finally reveals the 2nd in a Special Series on men with the middle name Allan or Alan: Dr. Timothy Scherman waxes Poetic as he schools Bill & James on how to mash-up Thomas Alan Waits & Edgar Allan Poe. Candles are lit and the cognac is open at midnight at the end of Poe's birthday, so drink up and bury the confetti!

Poe Waits.jpg

Forever Now: Malamute Musings At The Rainbow’s End

For all you folks that were waiting for an episode on curved space, warped time, twisted DNA and the wonkiness of being: this is your Lucky Day!  Bill & James doggedly explore these topics along with: chattering minds, canines, bliss, and time collapsing. You may have to wait 'til 'Yesterday Is Here' to get it, but trust us, it's worth it. Let’s celebrate December 7th 1949: hail, hail…The Eyeball Kid! Start the Party!

dog Leaf.jpg

Viva Mictecacihuatl: Just Another Day Of The Dead

Okay, folks...hold onto your sombreros! Bill & James dare to assert that Dia de Muertos is not just another day at the office. They attempt to squeeze the life out of this heavy subject and bring it into the light. Make sure your Ipanema Insurance hasn't lapsed, strap in, and keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times as we careen down this very dark rabbit hole...aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiihhhh!


The Human Guinea Pig: Rain Dogs Keep Fallin’ On His Head

Bill & James catch up with our very own Human Guinea Pig Brad Smith who's had the entire season to ruminate on Rain Dogs. His verdict? You'll have to listen to find out, folks. We can disclose however that Brad extracted an essential plumbing tip, if all you have is lower brass horns laying around the house. Our Guinea Pig may never get into Esquire Magazine, but we believe Tom Waits is slowly gnawing his way into Brad's furry little heart. Time, Time, Time will tell.


Just Passin' Through: Tailbone To Marylebone And Beyond

Inspired by a quote from the late great Jonathan Winters, Bill and James ponder the meaning of life, the denial of death, and important tips on refrigerator care and maintenance. That’s right,’s another hour of fun for the entire family. Featured songs include: Cold Cold Ground, Time, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, and Whistle Down The Wind. Feel the Love!


Deep Cuts: The Road Less Traveled Is B.S.

This week, we bid a fond farewell to one of the guys we owe it all to folks, that 70s icon who shed his mortal coil last week: Burt Reynolds. Plus Bob Frost and his hilarious quips, courtesy of American Lit prof and almost centerfold...The Scherm! To his wife's horror, we dragged him into our dark web again, where thrush music called us to play songs that are not, in our inestimable opinions, listened to enough, or gotten to yet: deep cuts and mixed nuts. The bell's rung: fill those seats with your butts!

Down By Law.jpg