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Start THe Party!


Come join us each week or so as we celebrate with crazy stories, strange insights, fashion tips, even characters lost in song.  This is the podcast no one was waiting for and everybody is dreaming about innocently. Feel the love!

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Artwork by Shane Conroy

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It all started one Cloudy Day...

when way up on top of the world, a chance encounter with the hilarious, brilliant and very tall W. Kamau Bell took place. Yes that same host and creator of CNN's hit docu-series, "United Shades of America." His jovial presence and big heart was inspiring and later on, discovering he had a podcast called, "Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of all Time Period".  I suddenly heard a roaring thunderous "Ding!" Ok maybe it was more of a "Dongggg", but nonetheless a straight up calling if there ever was one. And then clear as day, I kid you not, a voice inside my head said - "James, you and Bill MUST do a podcast on Tom Waits.  Period."

Well there's more to the story than that of course, which you can find in our crazy podcast that has enough formaldehyde to choke a...well you know the rest. Let's just say this project, without any notions, preconceived intentions or threats from the NSA, Homeland Security or Johnsburg, Illinois Rotary Club , exploded into being like a raging wildfire. Next thing you know, we bought a couple of mics, revved up the Zencastr dual cam exhaust and never looked back.

As Tom once said about writing songs, "sometimes you gotta be real quiet to catch the big ones." We're just glad we were listening that day cuz we're truly humbled and filled with joy every time we crank up the gear in Sunshine City to record another episode celebrating the amazing music of Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan and its influence on our lives. 

So whether you're a long time fan, a newbie or just looking to push the boundaries of your creative spirit, we hope you'll subscribe and derive many hours of joy and laughter, and maybe even a few insights. Thanks so much and, throw a couple a bucks our way when you can... to keep us waltzing.