James Abee

The son of a nuclear physicist and raised in the glow of The Atomic City, James beat the unconventional path towards the end of the world. Discovering filmmaking, he started juggling stories real and imagined and he's stayed like that for 27 years.


Bill Smith

The son of a family four generations in the milk business, Bill grew up 20 miles from The Atomic City.  He gave up his legacy as a dairy heir to pursue a career deceiving people, without ever going into politics.

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Cheryl King    

Theater director, bricoleur, and Fairy Podmother, Cheryl is an Army brat who never lived anywhere near The Atomic City. Warped for life and still recovering from her experience performing with Bill and James, she travels the urban backroads writing and directing plays and sketch comedy. Bless her heart.


Bruce Barton

Writer, thespian rain dog and Fashion Fangod, Bruce grew up a stone's throw from the big muddy before New York called. He was going straight up to the top too, until he started down that unconventional path to Sunshine City. Now he dreams in technicolor.